The Hooks To Successful Reading

Learning to read for students becomes so simple they can’t miss it. This methodology integrates the 3 key learning styles.

Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic


Mission Statement

My mission as The Read Write Phonics Teacher is to teach children to read and spell by allowing them access to this very simple and dynamic program; giving them deeper learning pathways and connections.

Not just in my classroom but around the globe.


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About learning to Read

Welcome to my site which is designed to give the student key learning hooks which will make learning to read and spell clear and simple.  My name is Sonia and I have been teaching for many years, I am currently a Year 1 teacher and have been utilising this program every day in my classroom for the last 3 years.

In these teaching videos I utilise a speech therapy program called “Crack The Code” by Steven Flynn.  I provide an upbeat and highly explicit methodology in teaching word recognition and spelling through phonics.  The student uses very powerful learning “hooks” and moves through the lessons with ever increasing skill and confidence.  By completing just one lesson the student will be able to spell and read countless words without having to rely on short term memory.  Lesson after lesson the young or older learner will be amazed at what is quickly learned and accomplished.

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Information on learning to read and practise work sheets

For all of our video tutorial lessons on learning to read & spell go to “Learning to read lessons page” TAB above.

For “Practise work sheets” after each lesson go to “Reading work sheets” TAB above & download for extended learning.



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Here you will find all of our latest posts about learning to read, spelling and phonics.

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Learning to Read and Spell – Testimonials


October 5, 2017

Sonia has been successfully using Crack the Code for a number of years now to significantly improve the literacy skills of her students, including those students struggling to learn to read and write. Sonia is a passionate and talented teacher and I have no hesitation recommending her website and tutoring lessons based on Crack the Code.

Steve Flynn (Author of Crack the Code)

Certified Practising Speech Language Pathologist

Bach. App. Sci. (Speech Pathology)


I have found “Crack the Code” to be an amazing success and am eternally grateful to Sonia for the tutoring.  My son is nine years old and started the program this year. I felt that he hadn’t learnt the art of sounding out words correctly and was losing his confidence with his own abilities at school.  We have now had 13 lessons with Sonia and the change in him is incredible.

I would also stress the importance of following the program from the beginning.  Once the basic principles of the short and long vowel rules have been learnt, children can then progress through to the next stages with ease.

I also highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn the English Language in a very practical, fun and thought out way which will bring your child’s learning to life.

Sharon (Parent)

Before Sonia’s lessons I had trouble with reading and spelling words.  Now I feel confident that I can sound out my words when I spell or read them.

Thank you Sonia for teaching me a different way to learn.

Austin (Grade 4)